Clairday Electric, Inc. offers lightning protection for residential, commercial, industrial and the natural gas field as part of our many services. We have teamed with Harger Lightning & Grounding to install quality, American made lightning protection and grounding products.


A lightning protection system provides a designated path for the lightning current to travel. The system neither attracts nor repels a lightning strike, but simply intercepts and guides the large currents harmlessly to ground. A lightning protection system is made up of several components:

  • Air Terminals (Lightning Rods)

  • Conductors

  • Bonding Devices

  • Ground Electrodes

  • Ground Terminations

  • Surge Suppression Equipment


There are two main types of lighting strike protection: structural lightning strike protection and surge suppression.

Structural protection involves the installation of a “Franklin” lightning protection system. This is the system that you think of when you picture lightning protection in your mind, with the use of “lightning rods” and conductors carrying the lightning current to ground. This is still the only system that UL recognizes and will label with their seal of approval.

The installation of a combination of both electrical service surge suppression devices and point of use surge suppression devices, giving you the highest degree of protection from indirect surges and strikes. They also provide protection during a direct strike when used in conjunction with a structural protection system.

Catenary systems are ideal for strike protection for areas where hazardous and flammable goods are stored or used. This system is the same in theory and operation as the “Franklin” system, but instead of using rods to take the lightning strike to the ground conductors, an aerial lightning protection conductor is used. This conductor is elevated several feet above the structure or vessel being protected so that the arcing that takes place at the strike zone is at a height sufficient enough to prevent ignition of the flammable goods.


Homes and businesses today are in need of lightning protection systems more than ever before. Sensitive and expensive electronics are common place in every home and business throughout the country. Lightning related fires and property damage are at an all time high and every new structure that’s built only increases the odds of taking a strike. The installation of a lightning protection system can give you the peace of mind to know that your home or business is as protected as possible.

For installations requiring a UL Master Label, working with Harger, we can install these systems and arrange for the UL inspection process. The master label is good for 5 years or whenever an alteration is made to the roof system, whichever comes first.

Clairday Electric, Inc. will not only install lightning protection systems for individuals and owners, but will also be the subcontractor for any electrical or general contractor who wants to sub out the lightning protection system installation. We can do this for any project, regardless of whether it needs to carry a UL Master Label. We can work with you on all aspects of the installation procedure from the ground to the roof, depending on what portion you want us to take care of. Working with Harger, we can also provide shop drawings and as builts of the lightning protection system for you to turn over to your customer once the job is complete.

No system is maintenance free and a lightning protection system is no exception. To insure that the lightning protection system will do its job when needed, routine maintenance is required. Maintenance and inspections of the system are recommended annually, or after a lightning strike event, to check for broken or loose connections and the overall system integrity. Clairday Electric, Inc. can set up an annual maintenance agreement with you to keep your system ready for a strike in order to provide optimum protection. We will also maintain your system, even if we didn’t install it.


At Clairday Electric, Inc. our mission is to provide every customer with a safe and reliable electrical system.